Where can you find me next?


Belle in Beauty and the Beast


Erin is currently an Entertainment Cast Member at the Disneyland Resort

“I want to give a shout-out… I was so enamored with Erin Tierney… she was buzzing around with pot stirring and gossip as the little sister.”

Chicago Tribune on the world premiere of “When Calls the Heart”

“Erin Tierney’s physical comedy and tone of voice as Amy March is absolutely stellar. From the beginning of the musical until the end, Tierney really manages to successfully showcase Amy’s character growth.”


“Erin Tierney as Lucy VanPelt in particular had a great character voice, especially in “Schroeder.” Her Lucy lit up the stage with energy whenever she appeared.”


“Comedic duos don’t get any more dynamic or laugh-getting than Tierney’s dry delight of a Chaperone…”

Steven Stanley of StageSceneLA.com